Clovis Rodeo Seeking Past Rodeo Queens

The Clovis Rodeo has had a dynamic young lady serve as Miss Clovis Rodeo for 100 years and for our Centennial Year we are seeking all past rodeo queens to be a part of the celebration April 24-27, 2014.  If you are a past rodeo queen please contact the Clovis Rodeo office at 559-299-8838 and let us know how to find you so we can include you in this year’s celebration of our rich rodeo history.



Kayli Gobeli of Clovis crowned the 99th Clovis Rodeo Queen

Photo courtesy of Richard Field Levine.


Clovis Rodeo Queen Contest

The Clovis Rodeo celebrates the tradition of having a dynamic young lady serve as Miss Clovis Rodeo. Candidates who compete for the coveted title each year must not only display exceptional horsemanship skills, but be involved in their communities. Miss Clovis Rodeo represents the Clovis Rodeo and our community at events and rodeos throughout California.

We appreciate the commitment of all of the candidates who compete for the coveted title of Miss Clovis Rodeo. Representing traditional western values the young ladies who work so hard to compete each year are winners before they even begin. The 2014 Miss Clovis Rodeo will receive more than $3000 in scholarship funds towards her education and related gifts donated by the many generous sponsors of the competition.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the Miss Clovis Rodeo competition please contact the Clovis Rodeo at 559-299-8838.

Clovis Rodeo Queen Application & Rules Sheet

    Letter of Invitation  CRA Queen Invite-14w-Letterhead

     2014 Rodeo Queen Contest Rules  CRA Queen Rules-App-14