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Women’s Breakaway Roping

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Breakaway roping is an equine sport developed in the Western United States in which a person horseback ropes a calf around the neck, with the roper’s rope “breaking away” from the saddle once the calf is far enough away from the horse.

In breakaway roping, a calf is loaded into the roping chute and the roper enters the box on the right side (heeler’s side) of the roping chute. The breakaway roper waits in the corner of the box, with the calf in the chute, until his or her horse is standing squarely looking ahead. Then, the roper nods his or her head, and a chute operator opens the gate, allowing the calf to enter the arena. If the roper leaves the box early and “breaks the barrier” generally results in a 10-second penalty.

2023 Clovis Rodeo Women’s Breakaway Roping Champion

Hanna Hundsdorfer, 16.60/4, $3,137


Photo Credit Cowboy Channel

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