Clovis Jackpot Roping

The Clovis Rodeo Association celebrates their community’s western heritage, with the annual Jackpot Roping event held prior to the rodeo.  The event opens a month of activities leading towards the 102nd Clovis Rodeo.

The Jackpot Roping event is the time for local cowboys and cowgirls to show off their skills when ropers from throughout California join them for the high-energy competition. Rodeo fans will see some of the best cowboys and cowgirls compete in one of the most exciting timed event competitions in rodeo.

Ropers with all levels of experience compete for top prize money and custom made centennial buckles that say Clovis Roping Champion.

The action will begin in the rodeo arena at 8:00 a.m. and conclude in the early afternoon. There is no charge to fans that want to come out and watch the action. Parking at the Clovis Rodeo grounds is also free.

The winners of the 2015 Clovis Jackpot Roping were:

Roping                                  Header and Heeler                             Time

Pick #8.5                                Jeremy Kelton and Cord Forgaro             25.08

#7 Handicap Drawpot         Seth Mielke and Adam Terry                    32.11

#5.5 Pick or Draw                 Flint Sweet and Erik Johnston                 27.14

#4.5 Pick or Draw                 Flint Sweet and Jerry Condon                  34.71