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2023 Clovis Rodeo All-Around Cowboy

2023 Clovis Rodeo All-Around Cowboy

Brushton Minton, Tie-Down Roping, Steer Wrestling and Team Roping

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) world all-around champion is considered by many the most talented and versatile cowboy in the sport. The PRCA Cowboy who wins the most prize money in a year while competing in at least two events, earning a minimum of $3,000 in each event, wins the world all-around championship. Individual rodeos and championships determine the winner of this award at the conclusion of all the other events. Trevor Brazile of Decatur, Texas, currently holds the record for most all-around titles with 14 from competing in the timed-events of tie-down roping, steer roping, and team-roping. Ty Murray, who is known as the modern day “King of the Cowboys” of Stephenville, Texas, previously held the record with seven titles, from competing in the rough-stock events, such as saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, and bull riding. He also holds two titles in bull riding. The Clovis Rodeo is an important competitive stop for these world title holding cowboys.

Rough Stock Event: Bareback Riding

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A single-handhold, eight-second ride, which starts with the cowboy’s feet held in a position over the horse’s shoulders until the horse’s feet touch the ground on the first jump out of the chute. Points are earned as the rider maintains upper body control while moving his feet in a toes-turned-out rhythmic motion.

World record: 94 points (2020)

2023 Clovis Rodeo Bareback Champion

Clayton Biglow, 87.5 points on
C5 Rodeo’s She-la, $10,194

Rough Stock Event: Bull Riding

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2023 Clovis Rodeo Bull Riding Champion

Stetson Dell Wright, 90 points on
Macza Pro Rodeo’s Big River, $9,785

Bull riders, who might not weigh more than 150 lbs., place a flat braided rope around a bull that weighs almost 2,000 lbs. A bull rope is placed around the animal, behind its shoulders. The cowboy wraps the rope around his riding hand with only his grip holding him in place. Flying chaps may help a cowboy score more. The cowboy needs to stay atop the bull for at least eight seconds to score. The ride must look as smooth as possible.

World record:  100 points (1991)

Rough Stock Event: Saddle Bronc Riding

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The rodeo’s classic event – saddle bronc riding is judged similarly to bareback bronc riding, but there are additional disqualification points: losing a stirrup or dropping the rein attached to the horse’s halter. The cowboy sits on the horse differently due to the saddle and rein, and the spurring motion covers a different area of the horse. Saddle broncs are usually several hundred pounds heavier than bareback horses and buck in a slower motion. Horse and rider must make synchronized movements; similar to someone sitting in a rocking chair.

World record: 95 points (1996)

2023 Clovis Rodeo Saddle Bronc Riding Champion

Jesse Wright, 89 points
on Burch Rodeo’s Lunatic From Hell, $9,842

Timed Event: Steer Wrestling

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2023 Clovis Rodeo Steer Wrestling Champion

Kalane Anders, 22.2 seconds on four head, $5,210

Originally called “bulldogging,” steer wrestling requires the cowboy to lean from the running horse onto the back of a 600 pound steer, catch it behind the horns, stop the steer’s forward momentum and wrestle it to the ground. The task is complete when the steer is on its side, with the four feet pointing the same direction.

World record: 2.4 seconds, with a barrier (1976)

Timed Event: Team Roping

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The only rodeo event featuring two contestants; the team is made up of a header and a heeler. The header ropes the steer around the horns or head and then dallys (wraps) his rope around his saddle horn turning the steer for the heeler who then ropes both heels and dallys his rope around his saddle horn. The time clock stops once both ropers have made a catch, bringing the steer to a stop with both horses facing each other.

World record: 3.3 seconds (2017)

2023 Clovis Rodeo Team Roping Champions

Jr. Dees/Ross Ashford, 32.2 seconds
on four head, $5,158 each

Timed Event: Tie Down

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2023 Clovis Rodeo Tie Down Roping Champion

Shane Hanchey, 38.4 seconds on four head

Tie-down roping is an authentic ranch skill that originated from working cowboys. Once the calf has been roped, the cowboy dismounts and runs down the length of the rope to the calf. When the calf is on the ground, the cowboy ties three legs together. Calves are given a head start – if the roper’s horse leaves the box too soon the roper receives a 10-second penalty.  

World record: 6.3 seconds (2005)

Timed Event: Barrel Racing

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2023 Clovis Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion

Wenda Johnson, 50.75 seconds on three runs

This event is a horse race! The cowgirl attempts to run a cloverleaf pattern around three upright barrels, taking two right and one left turn or vice-versa, in the fastest time. Tipping a barrel is permitted, but if it is knocked down to the ground, a five second penalty is added.

World record: 13.11 seconds (2017)

Women’s Breakaway Roping

Breakaway roping is an equine sport developed in the Western United States in which a person horseback ropes a calf around the neck, with the roper’s rope “breaking away” from the saddle once the calf is far enough away from the horse.

In breakaway roping, a calf is loaded into the roping chute and the roper enters the box on the right side (heeler’s side) of the roping chute. The breakaway roper waits in the corner of the box, with the calf in the chute, until his or her horse is standing squarely looking ahead. Then, the roper nods his or her head, and a chute operator opens the gate, allowing the calf to enter the arena. If the roper leaves the box early and “breaks the barrier” generally results in a 10-second penalty.


2023 Clovis Rodeo Women’s Breakaway Roping Champion

Hanna Hundsdorfer, 16.60/4, $3,137


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Bull Riding

2023 Clovis Rodeo PBR
Challenger Series
Josh Frost with a score of 87

Josh Frost captured PBR’s top spot and took home the winning purse of $16,486

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